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Ways to Stay Organized during Quarantine

The current COVID Situation can be challenging in many ways for many of us. I know it can be difficult to be productive and accomplish things during this time. However, it is important to keep getting tasks done. These are some of the tips I have been using recently and it has helped me drastically with my productivity. I hope that these will be useful to you as well!

First off, maintaining a routine is key. It keeps the mind focused and helps to stay organized. This is key for balance between free time and work time. Routines are proven to eliminate stress and anxiety and will create a nice balance in your life to accomplish everything needed to be done.

Secondly, clean room, house, and workspace is crucial for accomplishing productivity. Many people say " A messy room = A messy mind" and I could not agree more. Do you ever notice that when your work/living space gets untidy that your mind feels disorganized too? Well, research shows that a clean and organized environment produces better focus. Instead of letting your room get extremely cluttered and out of hand, start by making daily changes. For example, every morning make your bed. It will make such a difference in your productivity. Start cleaning your room every night before bed so you wake up to a clean environment. Stay Organized and once you are done using something, return it to it's proper place. I personally hate cleaning my room because it takes so long. If you are anything like me, then try cleaning up as your day moves along instead of using 3 hours once a week to clean it.

Thirdly, lists and planners are amazing for staying organized. Everyone has their own preference on how to write down your tasks and you have to find what works for you. This can be to-do lists on a notepad or online. It can be a planner or a bullet journal. Either way, it is so good to write things down instead of relying on your memory to finish your tasks. When writing something down in a planner or such, it can keep you organized since it is so easy to see when things need to be done and any notes about it. Schedule certain times when you are going to complete a task. For Example, instead of saying "Homework: 3-4 pm" say " Math Worksheet 3-4 pm". This may seem like a small ineffective change however it can keep you on track for what you are going to get done.

Be realistic with yourself. When making an agenda and/or a Routine for the day, it is so crucial to be realistic with your time. Make sure to include free time ; time when you can do something you enjoy, and breaks. In order to achieve productivity, you have to stay organized which includes planning for breaks as well. Breaks and rest is so important to give your mind time to get back to working hard. These are some tips that work for me during this time since in the beginning, I found myself having no motivation to accomplish my tasks. Although I hope these tips were helpful to you, it is important to remember that everyone is different and it is important to try out different things that can help your mind stay on track!

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