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Watching Others Succeed

Watching someone reach my goals,

Surpass my own abilities,

And live my dream

Is a tough thought everyday.

I strive each day to be the best I can be,

Hours and hours of work into a life I can enjoy

Yet everywhere I look and stare

There’s always someone better than me.

What hurts the most is to know that

Somewhere out there, someone is living my dream

Somewhere out there, someone is doing better than I could ever do

Even close by, right by my side, there’s always someone more refined.

I watch with my very own eyes,

Their success and resolutions rise

I hear with my very own ears,

The praises that crowds sing. I fear

That my efforts are in vain and my life considered worthless

Because someone’s living the dream I want,

The dream of happiness and success.

Slowly and surely, I cease to care

Maybe I’ve understood that each individual

Has their own pace

And that in the end,

A life of happiness is a success in itself

Or maybe I’m just living in a hopeless image

Of a bleak and stagnant future.

I have faith that my dreams and aspiration

Is a dream

Only achievable by my own hands and heart

If each day that passes becomes a joyous memory,

I know deep down that it’s a day worth being proud of.

  • JoYii Wong

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