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The Bridge to Balance Event recap

On Sunday January 24th, we hosted an event called The Bridge to Balance featuring Sarah Badaoui. Sarah is super passionate about helping students achieve their academic goals while still making time to enjoy life. After mentoring students in person, she now shares her tips and tricks with a Tik tok community of over 200k+ students. During this event, she shared her best tips on how to master work life balance. She showed us how to time manage and study efficiently and she even answered multiple questions. For those who missed this event and want to learn the main things she covered, this blog post features a summary of the key information that was presented.

  1. Achieving work life balance

  • Prioritize: Ask yourself what is important in your life and what goals you want to achieve. Assess what is important to you in categories such as: Academics, Health, Social Life, Income, etc.

  • Change your mindset from I don’t have time to------> It is not my priority right now.

  • Schedule in time for you to rest: Allows your mind and body time to refuel and recharge

2. Tips for time management

  • Have a time management system that works for you: This can be anything that works specifically for you but some examples are time blocking, using a planner, daily schedule, to-do lists, monthly calendars, weekly calendars, or digital/physical calendars.

  • Set your default answer as no: Don’t be scared of saying no and missing out on things to organize and get less overwhelmed

3.Being productive & efficient

  • Use evidence based study techniques

  • Set up a motivating study environment: This is proven to help you get more done and use your time efficiently.

  • Make a clear morning and night routine to ensure productivity and set up and end your day on a good note

  • Prioritize movement for your body and sleep: helps make your mind and body stay on focus for the day

4.Studying efficiently

  • First method is Active Recall: Using flashcards, Anki cards, Cornell method, or typing out notes in question and answer form

  • Second method is Spaced Repetition: Space out study sessions, Anki, and reminders

  • Third method is Feynman Technique: Identify the topic you want to revise, explain it as you are teaching it to someone else, and then identify the gaps in your knowledge.

Sarah taught us all so much and we are so grateful for everything we learnt during the event. Her social media accounts will be listed below for those who want to ask her questions:

Insta: @sarabada.2

Tiktok: @sarahbadaoui

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