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Journaling Interview with Maja Luna

Journaling has been proven to relief stress and help your mind relax. It helps improve mood and overall has been shown to benefit the mind and the body. Maja Luna is a 15 year old girl who lives in Germany . In her free time, she likes to create different spreads for her bullet journals and post them on her Instagram to inspire others. In today's blog post, we have an interview by Maja talking about journaling and it's role in one's Mental Health.

1) Project Positivity: " How did you get into bullet journaling?"

Maja: In September of 2018 I randomly saw a video about bullet journaling on YouTube and then just kept watching. I got really excited about it because I thought that it sounded like so much fun and a good way to organize myself and be more productive. And then I just got a notebook and started. "

2) Project Positivity: " How has it helped you with your mental health?"

Maja: "Using my bujo helps me reduce stress and stop worrying about the things I have to do because I have it all planned out and noted down. I also find it very relaxing to get creative late at night in my bujo after a long day. "

3) Project Positivity: " Why would you recommend it to others?"

Maja: " In my opinion bujoing is so recommendable because everyone can customize it to their own needs. You don’t have to search for a planner that looks exactly like what you want, you just create it. And you don’t even have to be creatively talented or have special supplies. All you need is a pen and a notebook :)"

4) Project Positivity: " How would you recommend getting started into journaling? What resources helped you start?"

Maja: "There are so many videos on YouTube that explain how it works and what you need. Once you know the idea and system and everything, you can start to look for inspiration on Pinterest or also instagram. You can look for hashtags like #bulletjournalideas or #bujothemes"

5) Project Positivity: " Do you have to be creative/artistic to start journaling?"

Maja: "Not at all! Ryder Carroll, who invented the bullet journal, had the most simple bujo ever. Everything it consisted of were bullet points, but if you like being creative, you can add different kinds of weekly spreads and even make different themes for each month, which is very popular to do in this community."

There you have it! A short and sweet written interview by Maja. We are very grateful to have Maja answer some questions for us. Journaling can do wonders for the mind and the body and I recommend you try it. Don't forget to check out Maja's Page on Instagram: @bujo.maja!

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