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Interview with Harshita(Solo Traveler)

Solo traveling is often looked upon as scary and dangerous especially for women. Many women do not travel alone because of many concerns but Harshita Keswani was brave enough to start this challenge of Solo traveling Here is an interview with Harshita to discuss more about how her journey has positively impacted her life! 

Project Positivity: What inspired you to start your journey of traveling alone?

Harshita:  " I've always been someone who hates being dependent. I feel it kinda slows down your pace in life to achieve greater things. A few years back, I began realising that I was not really comfortable being with myself for long periods of time. I needed company and that prevented me from exploring new places and trying out new things. I would read a lot of travel blogs by women who had travelled alone and that's what gave me the push to start. I wanted to be comfortable with my own self, without having to need anyone. And what better than travel to start the journey of self love?"

Project Positivity:  How has it changed you?

Harshita: "Traveling has changed me in a lot of ways. It has helped me grow has a person. It has taught me to take life as it comes. It has given me new experiences and it has definitely inspired me to move away from the superficial way of looking at life. It has been my best teacher and has taught me how to love myself, be self dependent and be brave. "  

Project Positivity: What lessons have you learned from traveling some?

Harshita: "Self love, self dependence and acceptance towards people, cultures, lifestyles and situations."

Project Positivity: Do you have any tips to inspire people out there?

Harshita: "I think the best way to enjoy travel is to not expect anything out of it, to not have a plan and just embrace each moment of it. There might be times when it would be required for you to come out of your comfort zone, but in those moments, be accepting and brave. Take that leap of faith and I promise that you'll have life changing experiences." 

Project Positivity: What is your biggest motivation/ favorite thing about traveling by yourself?

Harshita: "The fact that I can do whatever I want. I might want to spend an afternoon sitting at a mountain cafe, reading a book or listening to a podcast or I might just want to hop onto a bus to explore the local town nearby, there's no one to tell me what to do. I don't have to be considerate about whether the other person wi enjoy doing something or not. I can be a free spirit and that feeling to be able to do whatever you want, is liberating."

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