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If I Was a High Schooler Again

As I entered the hectic hallways of High School for the first time, I knew that these four years would be one of the most life changing years of my life. Through all the drama, failed classes, tears, joys and late nights I have learned a few lessons that I wish I could share with my younger self. High school is all about falling down and getting back up no matter what. High school is way more than just the grades you receive or the judgments the popular kids make about you. It is a stage of life that you will want to move past but when it finally comes to the end, you never want to let go of it. I hope a few words of wisdom can help you along this amazing journey. 


  • Build a relationship with all your teachers. Trust me, it’ll help so much. They really do remember you. They can help you get opportunities later and even be a support system

  • Try to have at least one friend in each class and join the class group chats. Class friends are underrated. 

  • The American educational system is all about memorization but don’t fall into the trap of memorizing. Take that extra step to actually learn what you are being taught and experiment with different study methods to see which one works the best for you

  • I promise you that one bad grade will not be the end of the world. Do not let the words of teachers, you thoughts, your parents or anyone else bring you down because success comes from failure

  • Know that people lie about their grades and how much they study. You do not need to compare yourself to anyone else, just be the best you.

Social life-

  • Try everything once. Get out of your comfort zone. If you don’t like it, don’t do it again. If you like it a little too much, especially don’t do it again. 

  • Don’t be afraid to make the first step in initiating a friendship. People are generally nice for the most part, and more people want to talk to you than you might think. 

  • Have a small, tight-knit group but a larger circle of friends and even larger circle of acquaintances.

  • Don’t expect to fall in love. Don’t take high school relationships too seriously. 

  • Don’t judge everyone by their first impression. The people you think you want to be friends with aren’t always the way they seem, and the people you think you’d never be friends with actually turn out to be really chill sometimes.

  • Do not hold grudges against people because as you get older you realize how stupid it was to waste your tears and your time on someone who is a nobody to you now

  • Do things at your pace and realize that everyone experiences different milestones at a different time of their life. Don’t try to conform to societal standards if you do not feel comfortable doing so 

  • Go to every football game you can. These laughs and memories were one of the best times and it is one of the only times you feel like a community/family with your whole high school

  • The judgments of others literally won't matter in 6 months so don't be a bully and don't let a bully bring you down. 

High school passes so much faster than you realize and every moment of high school influences your college so these are some tips to creating a good college application throughout High school 

  • Take the time to enter as many clubs as possible during your Freshman and Sophomore year. Try to see which ones you like the most (2-3) and work to get a higher position in those group such as treasurer or vice president 

  • Find a passion project- find something you are passionate about whether medicine, law, social justice, mental health or etc, and pursue that through starting an initiative such as a non-profit or a club at your school

  • Never wait for junior and senior year to do things because you never know if you will have those opportunities

  • Take the PSAT seriously. I know it is annoying but those tests will help you see what you lack in and have to work on. 

  • Take the SAT at the start of Junior year and work through the year to improve your score. Retake the test as much as you need because the SAT is more about memorization and familiarity than knowing the concepts. Know that a 4 digit number does not define you and your intelligence!

To end it all of, you got this and you will be just fine throughout high school. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy every small moment because high school is one of the best years of your life. 

  • Armita Nahavandi 

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