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Defeat the Dark

"Dark." he said.

Every thought was dark.

Every intention was dark.

No incentive. No motivation. No light.

No spark amidst the dark.

"Let it go, why struggle? Just give up."

The demon in his head always says.

To him nothing seemed worth living for, back in those days.

All his efforts to smile failed,

And only darkness prevailed.

As his heart refused to cope with all the smoke.

Smoke that clogged his head with dark visions of an end, one apocalyptic day.

"One day." he said.

One day, came a very-very faint whisper,

He could have missed it

Had he not been so alone in his awaken slumber.

But it creeped in and in a hushed voice it whispered,

"Just one more day let's pretend."

Yeah, one more day, he thought.

One more day he'll fight.

One more day he'll live.

One more day he'll try to survive.

Just one more day, he hopes.

"Hope." he said.

This man knew nothing about that.

Is hope just an illusion or...the solution?

Is it courage to grow and dedication to fight,

Or just a simulated plight?

He was just beginning to wonder what it must feel like to have hope,

When suddenly his eyes scrunched up,

Not from pain,

But from the brightness of the sunlight

Coming in through the window pane.

Oh dear god! He felt the warmth seeping in.

His heart skipped a beat.

It paused to relish in the lovely sensation.

And then realization sank in,

"This is Hope." he declared.

To believe in yourself even in the darkest of times,

It is to bask in the tiny ray of sunlight.

To fight all your demons and forgive all their crimes.

Hope is to not give up but conquer the plight.

"Conquer." he said.

Yes he did, his heart feeling a little lighter.

His life, thoughts and eyes flushing brighter.

Becoming the captain of his own ship

A ship that won't drown or sink in spite of all the blips.

He found his anchor amongst the thunderous storm,

As this young man became his own anchor breaking all the norms.

Refusing to surrender to the dark,

He is now all about the spark.

Defeating his own suicidal thoughts,

He conquered all the monsters who had his throat clogged.

He emerged victorious and glorious out of the battle between him and himself.

He taught me the real meaning of hope, strength, determination, struggle and courage.

Embracing the dark you find your calling, your reason, your hope.

Hope that helps you cope,

Cope one day at a time.

Time which conquers and heals.

Heals to unleash your aura divine.

You don't believe in hope or in yourself

Until someone makes you,

And when they do,

You'll have the brightest of beams on your face.

And utter bliss, joy, and happiness reflected in your eyes.

I refuse to believe otherwise.

And as I lifted my head to glance at his reflection, I gasped.

Oh God what a sight to behold,

His heart no longer dark and cold.

His lips twitched as happiness and sadness reconciled.

Oh God, he just Smiled.

~Mehak Fatima

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